Current Technology Within Kennedy Academy

Current Technology That Can Be Accessed Within Kennedy Academy

School Wide Access to Technology:

Kennedy Academy currently houses two identical computer studios consisting of 30 MacBooks. Each elementary classroom is provided and scheduled a minimum of two 40 sessions every week with opportunities to utilize additional time slots to fit in additional research and projects.

Throughout our building, there are currently 30 wireless access points that have been installed to enable both our students (via Chromebooks and IPads) and faculty (MacBook Airs and IPad Minis) to use online resources throughout our entire building.

Teacher Access to Technology

Each teacher is provided, via SBCSC, a MacBook Air laptop is provided access via the internet to acquire additional resources and materials to supplement our STEAM curriculum.

Classroom teachers are also equipped with an iPad mini that can be are enabled to be utilized in a variety of instructional applications as well as being available for student usage.

Student and Classroom Connectivity to Technology:

There are over 240 Chromebooks housed with Kennedy Primary Academy that personalized for student usage via their Google accounts for individual and small group collaboration.

Each classroom contains an Apple TV that is used in multiple capacities such as utilizing airplay with their minis'. Our classrooms are also equipped with a projector for large group presentations that are connected existing devices such as their laptops, iPad minis', and document cameras to enhance student interactions.