Project Display Board Checklist

Science Fair Project Display Board Checklist

What Makes for a Good Science Fair Project Display Board?

For a Good Science Fair Project Display Board, You Should Answer "Yes" to Every Question

Does your display board include:

  • Title

  • Abstract

  • Question

  • Variables and hypothesis

  • Materials list

  • Experimental procedure

  • Data analysis and discussion including data chart(s) & graph(s)

  • Conclusions (including ideas for future research)

Yes / No

Are the sections on your display board organized like a newspaper so that they are easy to follow?

Yes / No

Is the text font large enough to be read easily (at least 16 points)?

Yes / No

Does the title catch people's attention, and is the title font large enough to be read from across the room?

Yes / No

Did you use pictures and diagrams to effectively convey information about your science fair project?

Yes / No

Have you constructed your display board as neatly as possible?

Yes / No

Did you proofread your display board?

Yes / No

Did you follow all of the rules pertaining to display boards for your particular science fair?

Yes / No