2016 KPA Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our Annual Science Fair Winners!!!


These students will be moving forward with their projects to the Northern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair hosted by the University of Notre Dame on Saturday, March 4th, 2017.

A special congratulations to all of the students who worked hard with their friends, families, and teachers to also develop a deeper meaning and exploration of science through their projects.

Overall, we had:

  • 284 projects developed by our students

  • 63 Guest High School Judges from Penn High School and Marian High School

    • A special thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Fry, Mrs. Tiebout, Mrs. Harshberger, Mr. Andrzejewski, and & Mr. Sisk who helped with the organization, transportation and overall participation with their students as special guest judges. 

  • 15 Community Members who also joined our event as special guest judges

    • With huge appreciation, we thank Mrs. Craft, Mr. Kring, Mr. Sniadecki, Mr. Mark, Mr. Lilly, Mrs. Reeder, Mr. Brenner, Mr. Gilot, Mr. Vernon, Dr. Milligan, Mr. Cavanaugh, Mr. Bueter, Mr. Nell, Mr. Harper, and Mr. Cahill for finding time within their busy schedules to join us.

  • 6 local businesses that reached out and provided additional help and support  our event.

    • We also wanted to recognize the downtown SB Burger King (breakfast), Quality Dining (donation), Mishawaka Red Lobster (lunch), Chik Fil A (lunch both Wednesday and Thursday), The Skillet Restaurant (breakfast and supplies), Martin's Supermarkets (donation) for their time, money and hard work.  


And Last But Most Importantly

Thank you so much to the fabulous teachers and support staff at Kennedy Primary Academy for their unconditional love for their students. With an additional shout out to our office and support staff including Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Dollinger, Ms. Huppenthal, Mrs. Jacobs, Mr. Dennis, and Mr. Dan to our amazing Kindergarten, First, Second, Third and Fourth Grade Teachers and stretching through the love of our fabulous PTO and families, here are your Kennedy Primary Academy 2016 Science Fair Winners... 

Exner Flora
 Aurora Exner
"Mold Busters"
Kathryn Flora
"You Better Wear Shades" 
Sincere Hopkins
"The Balloon Powered Car" 
 Maddy London  Charlotte 
 Madeleine Horvath
"Paper Vs. Screen"
London Jennings
"Nail Polish Wars" 
Charlotte Kaufhold
"Stay Cool Breeze" 
 Selene Conrad  Jeniyah 
 Selene Koremenos-Tsebelis
"Building Castles in the Sand in the Age of Global Warming"
Conrad Kubicki
"Music & Gaming" 
Jeniyah Mathews
"The Truth About Teeth" 
Chloe   Mario
Chloe Prikosovich
"The Scoop on Poop" 
Mario Ruiz-Yamamoto
"Which Liquid Will Evaporate the Fastest?" 
Grace Soens
"Electric Avenue"