Information About PowerSchool for Parents

Important Information About PowerSchool 
For The Families Of Kennedy Academy:

Parent Portal AccessIn order to have a high performing school district, we must do all we can to help students and parents communicate easily with teachers and administrators. For this reason, South Bend Community School Corporation is committed to keeping pace with the latest trends in technology and information sharing. 

Our website provides easy access to both student and parent information, while our mass communication tools provide up-to-the-minute information regarding students' classroom and extracurricular activities. 

SBCSC PowerSchool Parent Portal Access

  1. After initial login, please continue to provide the additional information that is required to register on the PowerSchool website. 

  2. An email will be sent to authenticate the account. 

After email authentication, parents/legal guardians will then be provided a portal to access PowerSchool for the registered student code.

Information is updated by SBCSC Weekly

** Parents/ Legal Guardians will also have an opportunity to upload additional student codes to create a family account to monitor all members of their household. 

Upon approval, parents are able to view their student (s) 
progress electronically in the following content areas:

  • Grades & Attendance 
    • This includes:
      • Classroom Teachers
      • Specials
        • Music
        • Art
        • Gym 
        • Spanish
  • History of Grades
  • Graduation Progress