Come Visit Our Planetarium at Kennedy Academy
Come Explore The World Above Our Horizon!!!

Our planetarium was built in 1972, that was initiated by a government supplemental through an initiative that was provided government funding through the "Race to Space" movement that happened in the late 1960s.

Planetarium PictureThe planetarium is located inside of Kennedy Primary Academy in South Bend Indiana. The facility has an impressive 30-foot diameter dome, which provides a unique space in which students can explore the night sky. 

The facility within the planetarium currently houses:

  • Spitz A-4 starball at the center

  • Our starball is a precisely constructed optical/mechanical system that projects an accurate picture of the night sky as viewed from anywhere on earth. 

  • Three projectors (Left - Center - Right)

  • Seating capacity:  up to 60 individuals

The planetarium serves the community with shows for the public, and by educating South Bend Community School kids in grades K-12.

Contact Information:
Kennedy Academy Planetarium
Mrs. Lisa Artusi
609 North Olive Street
South Bend, IN 46628

Phone: 574-393-3100
Fax: 574-283-7441