2nd Grade Curriculum

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Language Arts:

  • Phonics/Spelling
    • Wilson Fundations lessons focus on carefully sequenced skills that include print knowledge, alphabet awareness, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, handwriting and vocabulary development.
  • Writing
    • The conventions of writing, and grammar skills as well as covering all the career and readiness standards mandated by Indiana’s Department of Education.
  • Reading:
    • Guided reading using the Reading Wonders Program encourages independent reading at grade level and beyond. 


  • Math Flex: 
    • Flexible grouping allows for students to be taught at their ability level using the Everyday Math curriculum.
  • Math in Homeroom: 
    • Focuses on Problem Solving and mastery of basic facts


  • ISI kits
    • Air and Weather
    • Life Cycles
  • PLTW
    • Changing Earth
    • Grids and Games
    • Form and Function
  • Science Fair:
    • Students will work together as a class using the scientific method to complete a project in preparation for doing their own projects in 3rd and 4th grades.

Social Studies:

  • My World Curriculum:
    • Various topics are covered including: America's geography, historic American figures and events, and the US election process.
    • Students will gain an appreciation for diversity and people from backgrounds different than their own.

    Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns about our curriculum.